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Set - Witch Collection - 20 pieces

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Witch Collection Set!!!

What are these Items?

The Witch Collection Set is a collection of furniture obtainable in Animal Crossing: New Horizons!

Is this legit?

Yes, this Set will not disappear from your island and they will not cause you any ban or glitch in the game.

How does this work?

Once you purchase your Witch Collection Set we will send you all the instructions to receive them from us, WE NEED YOUR FULL COOPERATION. We will organize this over our Discord server or Facebook page.

(Preferred) Discord:


We will bring them to your island, so, make sure you have enough space to receive em.

What do you need from me?

We need you to have a Nintendo Online active service and a copy of Animal Crossing New Horizons. And, as said before, we need your cooperation with the delivery.

What will I obtain?

You will get all the items in Witch Collection Set.

The set includes:

1x Anthurium Plant

1x Blue Delicate-Blooms Wall

1x Book Stands

1x Candle

1x Dark Herringbone Flooring

1x Den Desk

1x Fortune-Telling Set

2x Imperial Chest

1x Kettle Bathtub

1x Lab-Experiments Set

1x Magic-Circle Rug

1x Moss Ball

1x Skeleton

1x Spinning Wheel

1x Tool Shelf

2x Wall-Mounted Candle

1x Wood-Burning Stove

1x Wooden Bookshelf