A-Maze-ing Island - WIN a 500$ AMAZON GIFT CARD!!!

A-Maze-ing Island - WIN a 500$ AMAZON GIFT CARD!!!

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A-Maze-ing Island Trip!!!

Complete it and win a 500$  Amazon Gift Card!!!

What are these trips?

Our A-Maze-ing Island is a fun and challenging place, are you ready to prove yourself?

Awesome items are spread all over the island!!! Materials, Bells, Nook Miles Tickets, and much much more!!!
You can pick up everything you wish from our island while you room around and try to find the escape path.

You will need to face an intricate and mind wrecking maze between forest, beach jungle, a Pac-Man inspired labyrinth, lake, and most importantly

(DUN DUN DUUUUN!!! - Dramatic Sound Effect)

Once you will get to the center of the mountain you will find a mysterious object, UNIQUE and only obtainable on our island.
Bring it back to us and you will win a 500$ Amazon Gift Card

You have 20 minutes to complete your trip at the end of which the island will be automatically locked and reset, be quick, and have fun!!!


Is this legit?

Yes, all our items are legit, safe and will never cause any damage to your save file or Nintendo account of any sort, we have provided services to thousands of people and never got anyone in trouble.

How does this work?

Once you purchase your trip we will send you all the instructions to come to the island, WE NEED YOUR FULL COOPERATION. We will organize this over our Discord server or Facebook page.

(Preferred) Discord: https://discord.gg/SMb6qFk

Facebook: https://www.m.me/nookfactorypage/

What do you need from me?

We need you to have a Nintendo Online active service and a copy of Animal Crossing New Horizons. And, as said before, we need your cooperation with the delivery.

***Make sure to have a stable internet connection, the clock will start once you arrive on the island and it will NOT stop for ANY REASON due to poor internet connection. Only one person is allowed to enter the island at a time if more then one person will enter we will consider your time over and close the island***

What will I obtain?

When you purchase a trip you will get a timeframe unique to you, we will provide you a Dodo Code and you will fly to us to try to reach the final prize.
The timer will start as soon as you enter the maze, so, make sure you have a good internet connection.

Can I invite my friends to come with me?

No, each trip is for 1 person only and, if we will notice a second person coming to the island we will consider your trip over and your time expired.